Wednesday, June 29, 2005

With the Official Scrabbler Players Dictionary 4th Edition released only a month ago, I am attempting to get a strong handle on the new words long before the book becomes the law. This said, I am going to publish a list of the new words that I find, by category, as I find them. Meaning: Check back to this post often. I will denote words just added in red. This list does not claim to be perfect. With that said, please report any typos/mistakes that you see. If there is a word absent from this list, tell me and I will add it.

Two Letter Words

Three Letter Words

Computer/Internet Words

Four Letter Words

Nothing too exciting happened today. I did some Spanish work for summer and discovered that it does come back to you. I'm up to Chapter 5 in the book out of I believe 15. The questions are getting easier and easier for me. But, here's the scary part - It says on the little handout thing that there will be a summary to write (in Spanish, obviously) in late Semtember that will be counted as a test grade. I actually want to get that part done this summer, so that I can maintain sanity for as long as possible. My mini Oxford Spanish/English dictionary deserves most of the credit, as does my membership to Encarta Premium.

I watched part of the lifetime movie today, but not enough to tell you anything substantial about it. Something about this girl...Anyway, I *did* manage to catch the last segment on Dr. Phil. It was about these feuding in-laws who are at each other's throats to the point that the kids and grandkids are going crazy. They call each other all sorts of bad things, even in front of the two year old kid. Dr. Phil, of course recommended that they stop fighting. Wow, and his ratings are how high?

Now, the biggest news of the day: as the above link may suggest, it's time for a new cell phone! After months of proving its durability, my Samsung X427 lost its antenna in a tragic incident in Philadelphia. It would work perfectly if there was any way to get a signal, but antennas do serve a purpose. Yesterday night, my mom and I started discussing (and I say discussing because it was no where near a fight) what type of phone I should get as a replacement. I want to get a cooler phone, possibly a camera phone, but she is insistent on a $50 for the same model. I was like "For fifty bucks anyway we might as well upgrade somewhat..." She wasn't buying it (figuratively or literally).

I think I'm gonna go get my OSPD4 and post all the new words I've found so far with their definitions. Perhaps this will be a good way of drawing people into my blog. Perhaps they know agents in the press or other media who are looking to publish this. If so, give a hollar!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Today I lost all hope that I ever had of my Wine being fixed when I'm signed onto my computer as simpsonsfreak333. Mind you, there's not a HUGE problem in living as Root, but it's the principal of the thing. I can still toggle between desktops easily enough and Root will actually make my life considerably easier. Aside from a dew reinstallations of various DOS programs, life is good...However, if anyone out there knows how to fix Wine (problem: either changed font or language, not sure which but garbled beyond recognition. Not just intallations features, but in the actual applications, too) When I posted this question on Linux Forums I got about 15 views as of now, but no answers.

I got up early today (11:00 AM) and spent an hour online. Then, lunchtime/Unsolved Mysteries for two hours. The Lifetime movie today was called "To Live Again". It was about a schizofrenic girl whose mother locked her in a small room for 16 years. Once she got out of the house and taken in by a social worker, she slowly began to live a normal life. But then, the evil mother kidnapped Karen and took her back home. Once again she was put on antipsychotics and, once again, she spiralled out of control. Finally, the courts stepped in once and for all, decreeing that Karen was fit to live on her own WITHOUT pyshiatric drugs. Does anyone besides me think I need a life?

My fingers still hurt since the whole lightbulb instant but the one on my thumb only looks like I made a vague attempt at cutting off my fingertip, as opposed to almost suceeding. Damn, I got the least amount of work done among my family, and managed to get three scratches. My foot doesn't hurt anymore though, and the cut on my index finger only hurts sometimes...

Not doing anything for a day makes for a really boring blog, I know, so I guess I should spend the rest of the night reading "The Secret Life of Bees" which I have to read for English and pay attention to how Emily changes through the book. I am going to post what I find here because 1) I'm not giving this URL to anyone except the inner circle and a few Scrabble people, who I'm sure have no interest in such nonsense :)

Maybe I should change that - give the URL to people AFTER the assignment is collected and graded. I think I should do this through the year too, as a way of tracking my assignments and grades. Wow, that reminds me: isn't it a scary thought that I'm going to be in High School in two months? And then, even scarier, *driving* in less than a year and a half? Then of course there's the infamous college in four years. That oughta be fun...:)

Monday, June 27, 2005

After I got home from Philly I was so tired that I decided that I would just crash: take a shower and go to bed. Unfortunately for me, blogging about one's Scrabble adventures is almost as much fun as playing the actual tourneys. And, as the timestamp of my last post indicates, I stayed up past midnite. Under normal circumstances, there would be nothing wrong with blogging that late...or possibly even later.

But I had to be at work today at 8:00, unfortunately in the AM. Nothing particularly exciting happened at work, that I can recall...There are so many bratty little kids running around grocery stores, and for that matter, all stores, screaming their heads off about absolutely nothing. One kept trying to give Linda this licorice thing while she was in the middle of another order. Being as tolerant, er, downright nice, to kids as she is, she just smiled and laughed it off. I, on the other hand, was cringing at the sound of each little monster shreiking - don't ask me how, but Donald found a way to make every sound in the store audible from anywhere. Pretty impressive!

12:00 - lunch time. With only one hour until I'm due in at the hospital, options are limited. Even though I spent a good 20 minutes up here wasting time, I still found time for some tuna salad, an apricot, jello, and a slice of cheese. Not anything to write home about, but it was adequate enough to get me through the day. As I was gathering my stuff to bring to the hospital, my mom suggested my summer reading. I threw it in my backpack, along with Linux for Dummies, and an SAT prep book.

I arrived at Paoli Memorial Hospital slightly before one and, of course I got lost on my way to the volunteer office. For some reason I was associating it with the Cancer Center and, while they are adjacent to each other, the Cancer Center is considered MOB I, while suite 239 is allegedly the hospital. Complicating matters was the fact that floor assignments don't match up between the two: MOB floor 3 is really hospital floor 2. And so on...Well, I got a good tour of the hospital (I never knew there was a library!) After misguiding a woman throughout both (hey, I'm new at this) I asked directions. Fortunately, it only took us about 5 minutes longer, and she didn't seem too sick, which was a good thing.

On the way home from the hospital, we stopped at Acme for food - we already had steaks (cruised by yours truly) and got a few other things. The highlight of the trip was a man who was, apparently either having a heart attack/diabetic problem sitting, and watching Kevin Jankowski and Lisa Blanton dial 9-1-1. The EMT's arrived about two minutes later (real close to hospital) and, what last I saw, the guy was refusing transport. I also overheard Kevin urging him to go, most likely for legal purposes. Hopefully the guy's alright, but thank God it wasn't during my shift.

Dinner was pretty good - steaks are pretty hard to dislike, unless of course your a vegetarian (*cough cough* Jennie) Here's the funniest part, though. The light in the refrigerator is burnt out, so my dad begins to go about changing it. It breaks, of course, and we're left with pieces, and the little bottom part. My dad went downstairs to get some pliers to get it out, but, in the meantime, I take it upon myself to try. Note to anyone reading this: Do NOT, I repeat Do NOT attempt to remove a broken lightbulb from a refrigerator without gloves. Getting a deep inch-long cut on one's writing thumb is painful. And getting another one on the index finger is not much better...

As I write this I am getting tired, and I feel that sleep is in the horizon. I know it's early, but I'm beat: work 8-12, hospital 1-5...I even bailed out of Scrabble tonight I was so tired. I'm beginning to question my stamina when it comes to tourneys of any length now, seeing that a seven round tourney can have that much of an effect on me. Oh well, all I have to do tonight is some laundry and the cat's litter box. Aside from that, the night is free to be slept away...

Date: June 26, 2005
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Record: 5-2
Number of Bingos: 11
Number of Opponent Bingos: 7

I had planned to get up at 9:15, shower, and be on the road by 10:30 at the latest. Unfortanetely, as often happens, my plans did not pan out. So at 10:50 we left the house. Right before we left the street, I remembered Kevin's soda. We went back the ten yards to get them :) We were doing fine trafficwise until we got to some big road near the Art Museum. Everyone wanted to take the same road we did :( But, alas, I made it to the tournament with a good ten minutes to spare.

My first game was against Sally Reeser. I think we had played before in...I wanna say Berlin two or three years ago. Anyway, she draws for first and away we go...I open with DJIN and follow it up with InVESTE(D). She struggles through drek for the next seven turns (during which I get RANKERS) until she attempts HOIL*, challenged off. It didn't hurt her too much though - two turns later she lays down the natural HALTING. I go on to win 419-341.

Because the pairing system was set up in quads where winners play winners and losers play losers, I was matched against the winner of the game alongside me: Frank Jaslow. Having a vowelless opener, I resort to playing BRR, for ten. Two turns later, though, I get H(E)LPINGs for 76. While Frank is scoring around 18 points a play, I am drawing the bag, following H(E)LPINGs up with RAJ for 26, ZEES for 51, and then later NIX for 28. Meanwhile, Frank dished off his Q for 23, and got down RAKE for 22. It's ironic that he spent the entire second half of the game cussing and fishing, while playing off what I deem to be good letters (ie: TED) I know that he may have had duplicates, but still? Eh, I'll never know his logic, so I guess I should stop trying to guess it...It doesn't really matter, I stuck him with a blank and won 407-280.

The last round before the end of the day, or the end of a session for that matter, is always the one I have the most trouble focussing in. Maybe it has to do with the thought of getting a break...I don't know, but it's definetely there. Anyway, I was playing Mary Amar, coming in with a record of 0-2. If only that meant an easy game...She opens up with the devestating CAREX. I say devestating because there is absolutely nothing easy to score off of, especially holding one vowel: a U. My next turn, however, I get down STORAGE for 73. It opens up a wicked line at the bottom (the E was to the right of the DLS leading towards the TWS) but she can only play MIRAGE for 33. Turn 7: I'm ahead 135-114 holding EENSTZ?. Through an open H I attempt ZENiT(H)ES, only to have it challenged off. I could have sworn that was good, too. My futile attempt at rack management proved fruitless as I played off ZEE next turn. I drew the Q shortly thereafter and got 32 points out of it. I was up 290-274 when Mary layed down nEUROMA on the top triple lane for 83. I held for a good thirty seconds and then decided that nEUROMA could not be a word. We looked it up, and, of course, it was good. That sealed my fate as the best I could do with my worthless J was DOJo for 27. My loss 390-351.

Ahh, lunchtime, a full hour not to think about Scrabble. Kevin and I began walking to the grocery store, but before we make it out to the street we spot a mob of Scrabblers behind. Kevin asked them where they were going: to some Indian resaurant I think one of them said. Annette came with us though, and to the grocery store we went...As always, we got the chicken meal thing - one chicken, and three sides. Since I don't eat chicken, Annette and Kevin fought over the bird...I think Kevin won, although I'm not positive. I ate the macaroni and cheese, and some green beans. We all talked over lunch and Dr. Bailey gave me advice that she claims costs $150 per hour - free of charge! At around ten of we headed back to the PIC. Unfortunately for me, a swarm of bees was relaxing in the sidewalk. Being the bugfreak that I am, I screamed and took the long way around the corner...

Game four found me accross from Jeff Schwartz, one of the groupies from lunch. Perhaps the most interesting part of the game was the first three turns. We each had one exchange and two plays for exactly 24 points. I know that sounds kinda lame, but you had to be there. I then broke the cycle by getting ATTIRI(N)G down for 63. Two turns later, he finds iNST(A)NTS for 64. Isn't it amazing what some people can do without vowels? I really gotta hand it to Jeff, looking at STNSTN? would churn my stomach...Nothing else of note happens until turn 11, the score standing at 273-241, my lead, when I lay down CEDEING*. It looked plausible, honest, but, of course, he challenges and it comes off. It doesn't cost me too much, though, two turns later I play COOE(E)ING for 64. With the bag almost empty, I draw the Z. With no where to get rid of it, I dump it of an L for LEZ. Jeff goes out with INTERN(S) for 63 and collects 16 from me. Unfortunately, it is not enough - I win 397-364.

Joe Freedman is next, and it's not too long before I started drawing amazingly. My second play of the game is PINAtAS for 73. I then draw GLLNRXY. My first instinct was to exchange without thinking twice, but then I saw the perfectly positioned A from PINAtA for LARYNX, slotting the X on the DLS, and scoring a DWS. Let this be a lesson to you - good things do come from bad letters...I am even able to capitalize on the X in the triple lane three turns later. EXPORT played for 45. Joe went on to play REA(G)EMTs for 58. That's right, a bingo for 58. I believe that one can get as low as 56, but 58 is pretty impressive. I set myself up with BIND and then later play BINDS/SHAM to the triple for 39. I went on to win 418-325.

In round 6 I found myself face to face against Stan Williams. Going first, Stan slaps down UNDEE. Having seen various spelling of that, but never that one, I held, and went on to challenge. For fourteen points I should have let it go and saved my turn. But, I'm an idiot (hence my blog title). I get my revenge two turns later, though, when I play NECTARY from an N. Rather than saying "Hold," Stan says something along the lines of "What the hell..." He challenged it, and went on to lose his turn. It just goes to prove that Katie DaPhoney knows some real words. It was also very nice of Stan because I prompty drew the S and a blank out of the bag and get M(A)NLIESt down for 70. He has a nice comeback of INOsITE(S), but it only scores 61. Earlier, Stan played BI, leaving an I in the fourth slot. It stayed open most of the game until I drew turned it into ZORI for 39. Two turns later ORIOLES makes it way to the board, increasing my lead to 268-375. In the end game, Stan plays MILO/OXO. The first thing that came to my mind was Milo and Otis, obviously no good. I challenge and, sure enough, it's good. Strategically speaking, I should have left it alone because I had a 22 point outplay. I still get my OVEN outplay, and win 429-334.

Game 7: for all the marbles. Most of you who will be reading this know that I don't like to know the standings going into games. I really don't like when people go out of their way to tell me such things. This is why I don't like being in the room when match-ups are announced. Unfortunately, I was there, and saw that I was playing at Board 1. Great, I thought. While playing at Board 1 doesn't bother me, I didn't like knowing I was 150 spread points above the next person, either. Well, the game started with my opponent, Seth Lipkin, playing SAMBO forming GRAMS. Things were going downhill until I got down HEADIES(T) for 92, putting me ahead 159-129. Unfortunately for me, Seth drew the Q for FAQIR - 18 points, the X for GOX - 27 points, the Z for QUIZ - 42 points, and the J and K for JOKE, for 30 points. This type of assault is hard enough to deal with throughout a game, but all in a row? I demand a recount...Aside from HEADIES(T) the only good thing that happened to me was (E)NTRAINS in a trip column for 77. Of course it was cancelled by Seth's 73 point NEmATIC. I lost that game 399-383, but here's the thing. towards the end of the game, when Seth had about 8 minutes left, he was sitting there, pondering his rack for a good 5 minutes. Then, and only then, did he look up and say "You're time is running." True, it may be partly my fault, but that made the difference in the game - he had 2 minutes left!!

Friday, June 24, 2005
Last night, after my last post for the evening, I set about doing my required summer work...or at least I tried to. It amazed me how much I've forgotten in the last three weeks. I mean, the math I can explain simply because I haven't done decently in math since early March. My mom (a math teacher) was really pushing for me to get into Geometry, Algebra II, Trig (aka: GAT), but, being the lazy ass that I am, I only wanted to get into the next class - Advanced Geometry with Applications. And, as fate would have it, I did. But that doesn't solve my problem of forgetting almost everything I've even known...

But Spanish is my best subject, and forgetting that is downright scary, as I've gotten a consistent A through the entire year. I am also considering majoring in Spanish (yes, it's early to be thinking about, I know) and I really want to do well enough to use it in life after college. I'm really glad that I made Honors Spanish II for the 05-06 year. I'm very excited...I only hope that I can keep up.

Oh well, I'm sure that both subjects will come flooding back after a little refresher. I just find it ironic that learning Scrabble words is so much easier than school required material. I mean, it *should* be easier to actually learn something, not memorize random letter combinations (aka: meaningless words).

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Wow, another day, another no dollar. But at least I got a $.30 raise. The bad part is that my paycheck was for all of $18.62. That's not enough to start with, not to mention that half of it goes in the bank. It wouldn't be so bad if my gross for the week was $33.28, but because of union dues, taxes, and the fact that I'm so nice I donate $.25 to the United Way, I lost alot of money. Anyway, several interesting things happened today. That's right, I actaually broke the pattern of monotony that I have dealt with for the last six months - twice!

First, a lady was going through the line when she began freaking out. "Oh my God! There is no way I left my wallet at home! It was on the top of my purse and someone took it!" She continued like this throughout the order, much to the disdain of her shreiking kid. (OT: kids really need to learn how to behave in supermarkets...and anywhere else for that matter. Maybe the parents should teach them...the few that behave themselves) So the order was rung up and the groceries kept in their respective places: customer service, cold box, freezer. All she could say as she walked away was, "It better be at home. I will be really pissed if someone took it while I was distracted with her (meaning the baby). Well, crisis averted: the wallet was at home. But of course, when she drove back to the store, the kid was asleep, meaning that I had to go out to her car, take her credit card, bring it in to Rosalie*, wait for Rosalie to take care of it, bring out the slip for the woman to sign, as well as her groceries, and load the groceries. Yes, it was as bad as it sounds. The moral of the story: Don't forget your money when you are buying groceries. And don't make the situation worse by accusing others of stealing because of your forgetfulness.

Around 4:00, I was out on carts. As I was pusing around the green ones, I noticed two customers hovering over another customer, who was sitting on the island curb. There was a cart nearby, the basket occupied by a three-year-old Chinese girl. Being the good Acme employee I am, I went over to see what was going on. The woman, who I later learned has MS, was really hot and couldn't find her car. I had overheard one of the good samaritans helping her ask if she needed 9-1-1, to which she replied, "9-1-1 can't help me..." With that said the two customers went about the parking lot, searching for an olive green Camery with a license plate ending in 1303. I waited with the woman while the two set about looking for the car. About ten minutes later they returned, empty handed. It was only then that the woman remembered about her alarm system, and the feature to make the alarm go off. Well, that worked, and we found the woman's car about five cars away. The only thing was, it was silver...not olive blue. Oh well...all in a day's work.

*Rosalie: Bipolar CSR (Customer Service Reprisentitive). Sometimes I feel like she's TRYING to make me quit my job. Othertimes, she's extremely nice to me...go figure.

A local supermarket, Super Fresh, has a "Fresh or Free" policy, which means that if you find something out of date, you get a fresh duplicate of the item for free. Well, because I have no life, my dad and I go up to the Devon store and look for out of date stuff. (that's right, we don't buy anything) This all started about 6 years ago, when the policy, at the time, only applied to dairy products. Being as ambitious as she is, my mom immediate began going in almost everyday. It was about a year or so later that the policy was extended to the entire store.

My mom went insane. She dragged my dad and me around to every reachable store...and then some! We would be going to Devon everyday, and sometimes we hit two or three stores in a single day. At the time, I was an unwilling participant, but now that the policy has been reinstated after a two year recess, I really wish I would have at least made an effort at enjoying cruising back then. I definetely love it now! We usually clean up in every trip, too. In recent memory, our highest total is $148, which includes meat.

Anyway, beginning today, I am going to post our hauls, and the total value of them, in this blog. I hope you enjoy reading what we have for dinner each night :)

Date: June 22, 2005
Store: Devon
Total Value: $40.24

Vanilla Silk Soymilk
Mrs. Budd's White Meat Chicken Pie
Tyson Whole Chicken ($5.46)
Natural Shell Steah Coleman Beef Loin ($16.11)
Boneless Country Spareribs Grain Fed Pork Loin Ribend ($8.42)
POM: Blueberry Pomegranite Juice
POM: Cherry Pomegranite Juice

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

First off, I want to say that I've been looking for a good thing to start off a blog. Well, I finally found it - in the form of a hilarious conversation countesy of someone I'll call Emily. Out of the blue, I get an IM from StRWy2BeVaN377. I immediately think it's Emily because I just stopped talking to her. There are also several reference to "repeated words," which simply means that I had used a word while talking to efcleve (Emily's admitted screenname) and then, within seconds "Bevan" uses the same words in a message to me. An example is the word DEBACLE, which Emily asked me for the definition. Keep note of the time gaps between some posts. During this time I was talking to efcleve. As it stands right now, I do not hold any type of grudge against either Emily or "Bevan" but I find the following convo hilarious. Happy reading!

hey buddy!
(23:55:13) simpsonsFREAK333: hi emily
(23:55:24) StRWy2BeVaN377: no not emily im sorry
(23:55:28) simpsonsFREAK333: lol ok
(23:55:32) simpsonsFREAK333: then who are u
(23:55:41) StRWy2BeVaN377: its emilys secret loverrr
(23:55:47) StRWy2BeVaN377: shh dont tell her she doesnt know it
(23:55:49) simpsonsFREAK333: ooh, thats nice
(23:55:52) StRWy2BeVaN377: :-D
(23:56:06) StRWy2BeVaN377: i like your icon
(23:56:22) simpsonsFREAK333: thanks
(23:56:24) StRWy2BeVaN377: my favorite is wen he goes MOMS SPAGHETTI ON MY SWEATA ALREADY
(23:56:28) simpsonsFREAK333: lol
(23:56:31) simpsonsFREAK333: emily....
(23:56:33) simpsonsFREAK333: are u ok....
(23:56:40) StRWy2BeVaN377: um..not emily budd
(23:56:47) simpsonsFREAK333: yes you are, emily
(23:57:04) StRWy2BeVaN377: NoooOoOo
(23:57:16) simpsonsFREAK333: i hate to break that to you, but u are
(23:57:22) StRWy2BeVaN377: can emily do the robot.......NO
(23:57:23) StRWy2BeVaN377: i can
(23:58:12) StRWy2BeVaN377: i hear you have a love for lucy?
(23:58:16) simpsonsFREAK333: omg, emily
(23:58:25) StRWy2BeVaN377: omg NO
(23:58:35) simpsonsFREAK333: u are emily, whether u like it or not
(23:58:43) StRWy2BeVaN377: this is evan..sorry to dissapoint you
(23:58:52) StRWy2BeVaN377: i like ethel better
(23:59:01) simpsonsFREAK333: ok...thats nice
(23:59:08) simpsonsFREAK333: why do u like ethel?
(23:59:18) StRWy2BeVaN377: she hitss all my buttons
(23:59:29) simpsonsFREAK333: ok...thats nice
(23:59:49) StRWy2BeVaN377: u just said that
(23:59:53) StRWy2BeVaN377: you repeater
(00:00:04) simpsonsFREAK333: ok...thats nice
(00:00:16) StRWy2BeVaN377: ewww
(00:00:20) simpsonsFREAK333: lmao
(00:00:27) StRWy2BeVaN377: i bet i can beat you in scrabble
(00:00:31) StRWy2BeVaN377: i dont know wat that means
(00:00:35) simpsonsFREAK333: lol
(00:00:39) simpsonsFREAK333:
(00:01:57) StRWy2BeVaN377: =-O
(00:02:04) StRWy2BeVaN377: it said my emial adress was broken
(00:02:14) simpsonsFREAK333: u never said that
(00:02:43) StRWy2BeVaN377: no the sight said that
(00:02:56) simpsonsFREAK333: oh
(00:03:01) simpsonsFREAK333: try another one
(00:03:31) StRWy2BeVaN377: OK
(00:03:37) simpsonsFREAK333: lol
(00:04:12) StRWy2BeVaN377: my handle was registerd
(00:04:13) StRWy2BeVaN377: WOOHOO
(00:04:20) simpsonsFREAK333: cool
(00:04:27) simpsonsFREAK333: install WordBiz
(00:04:36) simpsonsFREAK333: and then we can play
(00:04:47) StRWy2BeVaN377: um for mac of linux
(00:04:55) simpsonsFREAK333: yeah
(00:05:03) simpsonsFREAK333: thats the one im running
(00:05:15) StRWy2BeVaN377: you cant say ya u have to pic one
(00:05:50) simpsonsFREAK333: what OS u have?
(00:05:52) simpsonsFREAK333: windows?
(00:05:56) simpsonsFREAK333: mac?
(00:05:58) simpsonsFREAK333: linux?
(00:06:09) StRWy2BeVaN377: wats an os
(00:06:14) simpsonsFREAK333: operating system
(00:06:18) simpsonsFREAK333: windows?
(00:06:18) StRWy2BeVaN377: i have windows
(00:06:20) simpsonsFREAK333: ok then
(00:06:25) StRWy2BeVaN377: stop being smart god
(00:06:46) simpsonsFREAK333: the first one
(00:06:51) StRWy2BeVaN377: but it only says mac and linux
(00:06:53) simpsonsFREAK333: no
(00:06:55) simpsonsFREAK333: under that
(00:06:59) StRWy2BeVaN377: wats is this world comming to
(00:07:02) simpsonsFREAK333: 1.8 for windows
(00:07:07) StRWy2BeVaN377: kay
(00:07:10) simpsonsFREAK333: linux is awesome BTW
(00:07:17) StRWy2BeVaN377: run or save
(00:07:19) simpsonsFREAK333: never dis it again in my presence
(00:07:21) simpsonsFREAK333: save
(00:07:23) simpsonsFREAK333: and install
(00:07:39) StRWy2BeVaN377: wats btw and why are you smart at computers
(00:07:51) simpsonsFREAK333: by the way
(00:08:00) simpsonsFREAK333: cuz, they are amazing
(00:08:12) simpsonsFREAK333: and makeing them be amazing is more amazing
(00:08:42) StRWy2BeVaN377: wats i bix
(00:08:51) StRWy2BeVaN377: i mean linux
(00:08:58) StRWy2BeVaN377: sorry forgot wat it was called
(00:09:03) simpsonsFREAK333: its a much better alternative to windows
(00:09:10) simpsonsFREAK333: u get rid of windows
(00:09:15) simpsonsFREAK333: and use linux
(00:09:27) simpsonsFREAK333: a form of Unix, which is a C based language
(00:09:53) StRWy2BeVaN377: ok bout u repeat that..and speak english
(00:10:03) simpsonsFREAK333: lol
(00:10:10) simpsonsFREAK333: there is no english way to say it
(00:10:19) simpsonsFREAK333: ya gotta do alot of reading
(00:10:26) simpsonsFREAK333: to learn anything about linux
(00:10:55) StRWy2BeVaN377: um...i forgot my password
(00:11:04) simpsonsFREAK333: it emailed it to you
(00:11:09) simpsonsFREAK333: to the address u said it to
(00:11:20) StRWy2BeVaN377: ok
(00:13:36) StRWy2BeVaN377: how do u like 8 mile and are good at computers at the same time
(00:16:52) StRWy2BeVaN377: ?
(00:17:22) simpsonsFREAK333: lol
(00:17:26) simpsonsFREAK333: its easy
(00:17:35) simpsonsFREAK333: computer on bed
(00:17:37) StRWy2BeVaN377: ya but i wanna play you
(00:17:40) simpsonsFREAK333: watching TV
(00:17:44) simpsonsFREAK333: did u get a name?
(00:17:47) StRWy2BeVaN377: yup
(00:17:50) simpsonsFREAK333: are u on?
(00:17:57) StRWy2BeVaN377: yuppp
(00:17:59) simpsonsFREAK333: what is it?
(00:18:18) StRWy2BeVaN377: bevann
(00:18:25) StRWy2BeVaN377: with 2 n s
(00:18:46) simpsonsFREAK333: ok
(00:18:49) StRWy2BeVaN377: im going to start talking smart like you
(00:18:50) simpsonsFREAK333: i messaged u
(00:18:54) simpsonsFREAK333: on ISC
(00:19:09) StRWy2BeVaN377: kay wats isc
(00:19:17) simpsonsFREAK333: what ur on
(00:19:20) simpsonsFREAK333: the scrabble thing
(00:19:22) simpsonsFREAK333: is ISC
(00:19:26) simpsonsFREAK333: internet scrabble club
(00:19:42) simpsonsFREAK333: u see what i said?
(00:20:04) simpsonsFREAK333: u left
(00:20:07) StRWy2BeVaN377: huh
(00:20:09) StRWy2BeVaN377: no i didnt
(00:20:10) simpsonsFREAK333: i thought u wanted to play
(00:20:15) StRWy2BeVaN377: i do wanna paly
(00:20:23) simpsonsFREAK333: ok then reconnect
(00:20:28) StRWy2BeVaN377: my things BEVANN in all caps
(00:20:33) simpsonsFREAK333: yeah, ur not on
(00:20:43) StRWy2BeVaN377: yu hu
(00:20:52) simpsonsFREAK333: no, ur not
(00:20:57) StRWy2BeVaN377: i just seeked
(00:21:17) simpsonsFREAK333: ok try this
(00:21:26) simpsonsFREAK333: in the command line
(00:21:30) simpsonsFREAK333: at the bottom
(00:21:32) simpsonsFREAK333: type
(00:21:34) StRWy2BeVaN377: kay wats that
(00:21:37) StRWy2BeVaN377: o gottchya
(00:21:40) StRWy2BeVaN377: proceed
(00:21:42) simpsonsFREAK333: match ktdaphoney
(00:21:47) simpsonsFREAK333: just like that
(00:21:59) simpsonsFREAK333: hit enter
(00:22:20) StRWy2BeVaN377: it says
(00:22:25) StRWy2BeVaN377: "you are not connected
(00:22:31) simpsonsFREAK333: yes, u are not connected
(00:22:36) simpsonsFREAK333: go in teh corner
(00:22:38) simpsonsFREAK333: to file
(00:22:46) simpsonsFREAK333: click "open connection"
(00:22:57) StRWy2BeVaN377: YESSS
(00:23:05) simpsonsFREAK333: type ur sn
(00:23:08) simpsonsFREAK333: and password
(00:23:10) simpsonsFREAK333: then ok
(00:23:26) StRWy2BeVaN377: it werked buddy
(00:23:56) simpsonsFREAK333: ok
(00:23:59) simpsonsFREAK333: now
(00:24:04) simpsonsFREAK333: match ktdaphoney
(00:24:04) StRWy2BeVaN377: it said ur not avvialable for game
(00:24:27) simpsonsFREAK333: ok then seek
(00:24:47) StRWy2BeVaN377: seek wat
(00:24:50) simpsonsFREAK333: type seek
(00:25:17) StRWy2BeVaN377: i did it!
(00:25:26) StRWy2BeVaN377: yessss
(00:25:33) simpsonsFREAK333: lol ok
(00:25:35) simpsonsFREAK333: here we go
(00:25:38) simpsonsFREAK333: good luck
(00:25:49) StRWy2BeVaN377: youre gonna die
(00:25:55) StRWy2BeVaN377: nevermind
(00:25:56) simpsonsFREAK333: heh, ok
(00:26:54) StRWy2BeVaN377: did that work
(00:27:02) StRWy2BeVaN377: o werd
(00:27:24) StRWy2BeVaN377: wats light blue mean?
(00:27:29) StRWy2BeVaN377: and salmon
(00:27:34) simpsonsFREAK333: double letter
(00:27:50) StRWy2BeVaN377: watsa salmon
(00:28:17) simpsonsFREAK333: fush
(00:28:21) simpsonsFREAK333: fish*
(00:28:39) StRWy2BeVaN377: no i mean the color on the board
(00:28:59) simpsonsFREAK333: it means double letter
(00:29:48) StRWy2BeVaN377: then wats blue
(00:29:59) simpsonsFREAK333: dark blue is triple letter
(00:30:07) simpsonsFREAK333: light pink is double word
(00:30:12) simpsonsFREAK333: red in triple word
(00:31:16) StRWy2BeVaN377: goddamn
(00:31:17) StRWy2BeVaN377: haha
(00:31:21) simpsonsFREAK333: lol
(00:32:25) StRWy2BeVaN377: wtf is a fay
(00:32:34) simpsonsFREAK333: no idea
(00:32:40) simpsonsFREAK333: ready to give up yet :-)
(00:32:41) StRWy2BeVaN377: haha ass
(00:33:07) StRWy2BeVaN377: hahahaha 7
(00:33:13) StRWy2BeVaN377: biotch
(00:33:17) StRWy2BeVaN377: jpjp
(00:33:24) simpsonsFREAK333: hey, u wanted to play
(00:33:26) simpsonsFREAK333: :-P
(00:34:17) StRWy2BeVaN377: fagg
(00:34:19) StRWy2BeVaN377: hah
(00:34:21) simpsonsFREAK333: lol
(00:35:05) StRWy2BeVaN377: that one explians my emotion
(00:35:12) simpsonsFREAK333: lol
(00:35:15) simpsonsFREAK333: wanna give up?
(00:35:17) StRWy2BeVaN377: NO
(00:35:21) simpsonsFREAK333: ok then
(00:35:22) StRWy2BeVaN377: im still goin to beat you
(00:36:20) simpsonsFREAK333: lol get ur dictionary
(00:36:23) simpsonsFREAK333: see if that helps
(00:36:46) StRWy2BeVaN377: didnt know i had one
(00:36:52) simpsonsFREAK333: heh
(00:38:09) StRWy2BeVaN377: homosexual
(00:38:26) simpsonsFREAK333: cmon, come up with something better than that
(00:38:36) StRWy2BeVaN377: haha im eating it right now
(00:38:41) StRWy2BeVaN377: and it wqas 34 points mind you
(00:38:51) simpsonsFREAK333: ok
(00:39:20) StRWy2BeVaN377: whos trey
(00:39:26) simpsonsFREAK333: a top expert
(00:39:33) StRWy2BeVaN377: i could kick his ass
(00:39:36) simpsonsFREAK333: lol
(00:39:37) StRWy2BeVaN377: my dads named trey
(00:39:43) simpsonsFREAK333: thats nice
(00:40:48) StRWy2BeVaN377: wers the dictionaray
(00:40:54) simpsonsFREAK333: u can go online
(00:41:02) StRWy2BeVaN377: o forget that
(00:41:05) simpsonsFREAK333:
(00:41:09) StRWy2BeVaN377: hahaha
(00:41:12) StRWy2BeVaN377: varuer
(00:41:16) StRWy2BeVaN377: get the hell out of here
(00:41:25) StRWy2BeVaN377: haha
(00:41:29) simpsonsFREAK333: lmao
(00:41:40) simpsonsFREAK333: VAUR is actually pretty funny
(00:41:43) simpsonsFREAK333: IMO
(00:42:05) StRWy2BeVaN377: imo?
(00:42:13) simpsonsFREAK333: in my opinion
(00:42:18) StRWy2BeVaN377: wat is that
(00:42:23) StRWy2BeVaN377: and wat is lmao
(00:42:25) simpsonsFREAK333: nothing, never mind
(00:42:34) simpsonsFREAK333: just play
(00:43:02) StRWy2BeVaN377: haha
(00:43:14) StRWy2BeVaN377: all mine are 3 letters
(00:43:30) simpsonsFREAK333: lol
(00:44:31) simpsonsFREAK333: RITOKA?
(00:44:42) StRWy2BeVaN377: kay that is sooo japaneese
(00:44:53) simpsonsFREAK333: yes, and we are playing in english
(00:45:49) simpsonsFREAK333: u don't know what a bouncer is?
(00:46:01) StRWy2BeVaN377: no i was making sure it wasnt slang haha
(00:46:06) simpsonsFREAK333: lol
(00:47:58) StRWy2BeVaN377: YA WAT
(00:48:19) StRWy2BeVaN377: denied
(00:48:22) simpsonsFREAK333: just seeing what ud do
(00:48:34) StRWy2BeVaN377: haha make excuses
(00:48:40) simpsonsFREAK333: its called mind games
(00:48:51) StRWy2BeVaN377: its called im the king of scrabble
(00:49:04) simpsonsFREAK333: ok
(00:49:52) StRWy2BeVaN377: hahahahahahahah
(00:50:03) StRWy2BeVaN377: wow that was so a word
(00:50:07) simpsonsFREAK333: having fun?
(00:50:20) StRWy2BeVaN377: ya having fun kicking your ass
(00:50:21) simpsonsFREAK333: and what does FIZIT mean?
(00:50:27) simpsonsFREAK333: lol
(00:50:35) StRWy2BeVaN377: snoop dog deffinately says it in his rap
(00:50:45) simpsonsFREAK333: which is why im 327 points ahead
(00:51:28) StRWy2BeVaN377: u just got llucky letters
(00:51:41) simpsonsFREAK333: yes emily
(00:51:53) StRWy2BeVaN377: its not emily
(00:52:03) simpsonsFREAK333: ok
(00:52:12) simpsonsFREAK333: who is it then?
(00:52:19) StRWy2BeVaN377: bevan i told you goddd
(00:52:41) simpsonsFREAK333: u sound kinda gay
(00:52:47) simpsonsFREAK333: judging from IMs
(00:52:51) simpsonsFREAK333: no offense or anything
(00:53:22) StRWy2BeVaN377: that was whoreish
(00:53:25) simpsonsFREAK333: lmao
(00:53:37) StRWy2BeVaN377: wat the fuck does that mean
(00:53:55) simpsonsFREAK333: ur IMs sound like a girl's...o yeah ur emily
(00:54:28) StRWy2BeVaN377: bout its a song by led zepplin but my name instead of heaven
(00:54:41) simpsonsFREAK333: lmao
(00:54:48) StRWy2BeVaN377: efcleveefcleve: tell her shes a whore
(00:55:11) simpsonsFREAK333: LOL
(00:55:13) StRWy2BeVaN377: see i told you
(00:55:24) StRWy2BeVaN377: even she thinks your a whore
(00:55:34) simpsonsFREAK333: lol
(00:55:52) StRWy2BeVaN377: wats lmao
(00:56:02) simpsonsFREAK333: laughing my ass off
(00:56:07) StRWy2BeVaN377: o
(00:56:13) StRWy2BeVaN377: thats black
(00:56:21) simpsonsFREAK333: ok then
(00:59:19) StRWy2BeVaN377: your an ass
(00:59:42) simpsonsFREAK333: lmao
(00:59:58) simpsonsFREAK333: dont u have anything better to be doing?
(01:00:08) StRWy2BeVaN377: can u block cuz me i cant block you my list is full
(01:00:25) simpsonsFREAK333: no, this is quite funny
(01:01:41) simpsonsFREAK333: ur about to forfiet u know
(01:01:51) simpsonsFREAK333: ull get another minute
(01:01:54) simpsonsFREAK333: and then forfeit
(01:03:07) StRWy2BeVaN377: indoubtably so my dear brainiac. this intrusive lead has the most miniscule importance in my life
(01:03:20) StRWy2BeVaN377: whore
(01:03:41) simpsonsFREAK333: ok...wait till this log goes into print
(01:04:09) StRWy2BeVaN377: um kay..mayb your smart..buit i think id kick your ass with a lacrosse stick
(01:04:15) simpsonsFREAK333: lol
(01:04:25) simpsonsFREAK333: this is seriously pointless
(01:05:24) StRWy2BeVaN377: you know what the debacle is pointless squared
(01:05:52) simpsonsFREAK333: ok...u can stop
(01:06:04) simpsonsFREAK333: ive always know that emily has two distinct personalities
(01:06:10) simpsonsFREAK333: possibly more
(01:06:22) StRWy2BeVaN377: haha how bout its not emily
(01:06:30) simpsonsFREAK333: omg i just sent this log to katie
(01:06:38) simpsonsFREAK333: and she's laughin so hard
(01:06:48) StRWy2BeVaN377: im actually talking to her about you right now about you
(01:06:50) StRWy2BeVaN377: whos katie
(01:07:01) StRWy2BeVaN377: and stop calling it a log you freak
(01:07:18) simpsonsFREAK333: lol
(01:07:26) simpsonsFREAK333: im posting it on my blog
(01:07:28) StRWy2BeVaN377: and no i ddint mean to put about you twice
(01:07:35) StRWy2BeVaN377: dubtf is a blog
(01:07:40) StRWy2BeVaN377: loke for myspace?
(01:07:44) simpsonsFREAK333: from both names
(01:07:51) simpsonsFREAK333: yeah
(01:07:52) StRWy2BeVaN377: like*
(01:08:00) StRWy2BeVaN377: no way i have one to be my friend!
(01:08:17) simpsonsFREAK333: hunh?
(01:08:25) StRWy2BeVaN377: i have a myspace
(01:08:33) StRWy2BeVaN377: but myns better then yours..
(01:08:38) StRWy2BeVaN377: lemme get you link
(01:09:20) simpsonsFREAK333: ok
(01:10:22) StRWy2BeVaN377: jeese or dont give it to me watever
(01:10:51) simpsonsFREAK333: im not giving u the link
(01:10:58) StRWy2BeVaN377: why not
(01:11:13) StRWy2BeVaN377: you can block me if im bad i promise
(01:11:20) simpsonsFREAK333: cuz i dont want u seeing my blog
(01:11:21) simpsonsFREAK333: no
(01:12:11) StRWy2BeVaN377: y not its not like im ever going to see you
(01:12:26) simpsonsFREAK333: no, i see u in september
(01:12:32) StRWy2BeVaN377: why?
(01:12:44) simpsonsFREAK333: school
(01:12:54) StRWy2BeVaN377: OMFG IM NOT EMILY
(01:12:59) StRWy2BeVaN377: look at my profile
(01:13:01) StRWy2BeVaN377: and in my myspace
(01:13:03) StRWy2BeVaN377: thats me
(01:13:05) StRWy2BeVaN377: my name is evan
(01:13:14) StRWy2BeVaN377: many people call me bevan
(01:13:37) simpsonsFREAK333: haha ok
(01:13:42) simpsonsFREAK333: then howd u get my sn?
(01:13:48) StRWy2BeVaN377: emily gave it to me
(01:14:07) StRWy2BeVaN377: thats also how i knew about scrabble and i love lucy
(01:14:07) simpsonsFREAK333: how does she know u?
(01:14:16) StRWy2BeVaN377: from the malvern dance and hannah
(01:14:31) simpsonsFREAK333: uh huh
(01:14:44) simpsonsFREAK333: and the same word choice of debacle?
(01:14:56) StRWy2BeVaN377: ya we're talking right now online
(01:15:08) simpsonsFREAK333: and shes copying every word to you?
(01:15:29) StRWy2BeVaN377: no it was cuz that was relative to your smartness
(01:15:45) StRWy2BeVaN377: and we were talking about that
(01:15:45) simpsonsFREAK333: right after i told efcleve what a debacle was
(01:15:52) StRWy2BeVaN377: exactly
(01:15:59) StRWy2BeVaN377: she copied it
(01:16:03) simpsonsFREAK333: lol
(01:16:14) simpsonsFREAK333: how u are concocting this story, ill never know
(01:16:19) StRWy2BeVaN377: if u dont believe me i can copy this convo
(01:16:20) simpsonsFREAK333: but its perfect blog material
(01:16:34) simpsonsFREAK333: so i'm not gonna dis it
(01:17:22) StRWy2BeVaN377: connect so i can prove you wrong
(01:17:28) simpsonsFREAK333: nope
(01:17:44) simpsonsFREAK333: i dont give my IP to anyone except good friends
(01:17:57) StRWy2BeVaN377: i dont even know wat an ip is
(01:17:59) simpsonsFREAK333: and thats not u
(01:18:03) StRWy2BeVaN377: and emily isnt your good friend?
(01:18:18) simpsonsFREAK333: this istn emily, remember?
(01:18:25) StRWy2BeVaN377: ya i do
(01:18:40) StRWy2BeVaN377: ya but u think it is
(01:18:45) simpsonsFREAK333: yes i know it is
(01:18:56) simpsonsFREAK333: but i wouldnt give the IP to emily either
(01:19:03) StRWy2BeVaN377: cuz your so friggin full of your self that you wont trust what ne one else says
(01:19:11) simpsonsFREAK333: no, im smart
(01:19:21) simpsonsFREAK333: and getting extreme humour out of this
(01:19:35) StRWy2BeVaN377: did u look at my myspace
(01:19:52) simpsonsFREAK333: nope
(01:20:04) StRWy2BeVaN377: how bout you do that and then tell me that its emily budd
(01:20:17) simpsonsFREAK333: no thanks
(01:20:33) simpsonsFREAK333: lol
(01:20:38) simpsonsFREAK333: they didnt go through
(01:21:04) StRWy2BeVaN377: ya mayb if u connected i could show you
(01:21:17) simpsonsFREAK333: nope, i'm not connecting
(01:21:30) StRWy2BeVaN377: StRWy2BeVaN377StRWy2BeVaN377: she makes me feel stupid
efcleveefcleve: shes a genius
StRWy2BeVaN377StRWy2BeVaN377: im going to start talking smart like her
efcleveefcleve: haha ok you do that

(01:21:35) StRWy2BeVaN377: StRWy2BeVaN377StRWy2BeVaN377: tis' but a mere elementary shift in dialect dearest
efcleveefcleve: hahahaha
efcleveefcleve: you sound smart
efcleveefcleve: hahaha

(01:21:43) StRWy2BeVaN377: StRWy2BeVaN377StRWy2BeVaN377: lol
StRWy2BeVaN377StRWy2BeVaN377: even smarter if u say it with an english accent
efcleveefcleve: haha or australian! cause arent they all dinosaur scientist or sumthing

(01:21:50) StRWy2BeVaN377: StRWy2BeVaN377StRWy2BeVaN377: no theyre alligator restlers
StRWy2BeVaN377StRWy2BeVaN377: chineese people are scientists
StRWy2BeVaN377StRWy2BeVaN377: and like germans and stuff
efcleveefcleve: ohha

(01:21:56) StRWy2BeVaN377: StRWy2BeVaN377StRWy2BeVaN377: shes kickin ass in scrabble
efcleveefcleve: shes good at that sport
efcleveefcleve: are you playing her in scrabbble?!
efcleveefcleve: only with two bs

(01:22:03) StRWy2BeVaN377: StRWy2BeVaN377StRWy2BeVaN377: haha
StRWy2BeVaN377StRWy2BeVaN377: ya
StRWy2BeVaN377StRWy2BeVaN377: lol im makin up so many words
StRWy2BeVaN377StRWy2BeVaN377: lol
StRWy2BeVaN377StRWy2BeVaN377: i put ritoka

(01:22:14) StRWy2BeVaN377: efcleveefcleve: haha put wed
StRWy2BeVaN377StRWy2BeVaN377: i put like pez
efcleveefcleve: hahaha
StRWy2BeVaN377StRWy2BeVaN377: and then she challanged it and i lost

(01:22:22) StRWy2BeVaN377: efcleveefcleve: sux for you!
efcleveefcleve: youre losing to a girllol
StRWy2BeVaN377StRWy2BeVaN377: she has like " curates " for like 5000 points
efcleveefcleve: *giirl

(01:22:28) StRWy2BeVaN377: efcleveefcleve: challenge it
StRWy2BeVaN377StRWy2BeVaN377: ya more like a a rele smart guyish girl
efcleveefcleve: haha
StRWy2BeVaN377StRWy2BeVaN377: i put fizit

(01:22:35) StRWy2BeVaN377: efcleveefcleve: hahha
efcleveefcleve: retard
StRWy2BeVaN377StRWy2BeVaN377: simpsonsFREAK333simpsonsFREAK333: having fun?
ya having fun kicking your ass
simpsonsFREAK333simpsonsFREAK333: and what does FIZIT mean?

(01:22:41) StRWy2BeVaN377: simpsonsFREAK333simpsonsFREAK333: lol
snoop dog deffinately says it in his rap
simpsonsFREAK333simpsonsFREAK333: which is why im 327 points ahead

(01:22:48) StRWy2BeVaN377: StRWy2BeVaN377: hah i put fizit agian
efcleve: hahaha

(01:22:55) StRWy2BeVaN377: efcleveefcleve: tell her shes a whore
StRWy2BeVaN377StRWy2BeVaN377: i did
efcleveefcleve: haha k good
StRWy2BeVaN377StRWy2BeVaN377: wats lmao

(01:23:02) StRWy2BeVaN377: efcleveefcleve: uhhh...
efcleveefcleve: llama?
StRWy2BeVaN377StRWy2BeVaN377: idk she keeps on saying it
StRWy2BeVaN377StRWy2BeVaN377: and she thinks im you

(01:23:04) simpsonsFREAK333: first off, why are all the names twice?
(01:23:20) StRWy2BeVaN377: wat do u mean
(01:23:26) simpsonsFREAK333: second off, its really easy to IM from onw name to another
(01:23:34) simpsonsFREAK333: StRWy2BeVaN377StRWy2BeVaN377: and she thinks im you
(01:24:14) StRWy2BeVaN377: because im iming it to you form my name
(01:24:27) simpsonsFREAK333: if u say so
(01:28:32) simpsonsFREAK333: why arent u talking?
(01:28:53) StRWy2BeVaN377: cuz i dont like people who are full of themselves?
(01:28:55) simpsonsFREAK333: on the other sn?
(01:29:20) StRWy2BeVaN377: um sorry i don think you have my other sn
(01:29:36) simpsonsFREAK333: (00:00:27) StRWy2BeVaN377: i bet i can beat you in scrabble
(00:00:31) StRWy2BeVaN377: i dont know wat that means
(01:29:59) StRWy2BeVaN377: ?
(01:30:14) simpsonsFREAK333: u were talking about full of oneself
(01:30:26) simpsonsFREAK333: and uh, thats kinda full of oneself
(01:31:06) StRWy2BeVaN377: ya theres a difference wen oneself is being sarcastic cuz hes talking to someone that he knows is smarter then him
(01:31:36) simpsonsFREAK333: uh, no
(01:32:13) StRWy2BeVaN377: and then you have no response so you come back with uh no
(01:32:24) simpsonsFREAK333: lol
(01:32:27) simpsonsFREAK333: keep talking
(01:32:34) simpsonsFREAK333: my blog will appreciate it
(01:38:00) simpsonsFREAK333: u got quiet
(01:38:17) StRWy2BeVaN377: you stayed full of yourself
(01:39:07) simpsonsFREAK333: lmao
(01:40:04) StRWy2BeVaN377: you know that sarcasm is a sign of cockyness?
(01:41:40) StRWy2BeVaN377: i started out cool with you but now i kinda feel bad, cuz i kno that you probly dont have many friends and the ones you do have either suck or will soon realize how full of yourself you are and not like you anymore
(01:41:55) simpsonsFREAK333: lol
(01:42:06) simpsonsFREAK333: wow emily, could u be any more obvious?
(01:42:53) StRWy2BeVaN377: and your still to full of yourself to admitt you're wrong and that it isnt emily
(01:43:10) simpsonsFREAK333: no, becase its not emily
(01:43:43) simpsonsFREAK333: i mean
(01:43:46) simpsonsFREAK333: it is emily
(01:43:54) simpsonsFREAK333: ur making me crazy
(01:45:04) StRWy2BeVaN377: watever bud. im sorry bout your whole not trusting n e one problem...ill pray for you, but talking anymores just goin to make you look worse
(01:45:18) simpsonsFREAK333: rotfl
(01:45:43) simpsonsFREAK333: ok then, block me

If you have any information about the identity of "Bevan," please write to, or contact your local authorities.